Here, in Digital Cargo, Divisions play a very important role of binding and enhance our community,
and their gameplay in different ways.
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About Our Divisions

In Digital Cargo, we offer you a wide range of divisions for you to choose, from cargo specialising in Agriculture to Refrigerated; Trust Us we got it all! By choosing to work in one of these Divisions, you are granted to use our new and exclusive Truck Skins dedicated to your chosen Division.
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Our Divisions.


The Agriculture division offers exclusive biotic loads, consisting of: plants, crops and livestock. As a member of this division, you are given the responsibility in keeping shelves stocked, keeping farms supplied and maintaining the smooth-running of the Agricultural Industry. Are you willing to get your hands dirty?
Then look no further!


The Flatbed Division specializes in transporting Flatbed and Flat Deck Cargo. They offer a variety of cargoes including Wind Turbines, Industrial Equipment, Construction Materials & Machinery, and much more. Their loads are essential to the building of new Homes and Workplaces. Join and help to build the future, today!


The Hazmat Division is all about Hazardous cargo! The jobs they do are quite important but also quite risky. It is up to them to ensure that the trailers get to the destination safely!
Do you think you are up to the task?


Road to Road. Port to Port. The Intermodal Division involves transporting freight in Intermodal Containers in different strategies, whether it would be Sea or Rail. The Intermodal Division ensures that goods are transported around the globe safely and efficiently.

Heavy Haul

The Heavy Haul Division specializes in heavy and special cargo. When delivering these loads, you will be escorted by traffic control, to ensure that they are delivered on-time and efficiently. Do you have what it takes?


The Refrigerated Division specializes in hauling temperature-sensitive cargo being transported in temperature-controlled trailers. Members must ensure that they deliver 'chilled' goods on time. Join the Refrigerated Division if you feel cool enough to withstand this challenge.
They also have Ice Cream!